Red River Speedway is a 1/4 mile dirt oval track located 3 1/2 miles west of Wichita Falls on Highway 287.
Exit FM 369 and go North one mile. The track is on the right side of the road.

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2/18/14 UPDATES: 2014 RACING SCHEDULE now posted!

ON 1/11/14:

12/20/13 UPDATES: Everything is starting to come together
quickly for the 2014 racing season at Red River Speedway in
Wichita Falls, Texas!

We will be racing on Friday nights primarily, with the schedule
coming out in the weeks to come. Primary racing divisions will
be Winged Championship Sprint Cars, USRA Sanctioned
Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Mini Stocks.

Two special events are set as well, including the USMTS on
Friday May 16th and the Oil Capitol Racing Series for winged
sprint cars on Friday, May 30th.

Division rules are now up for the 2014 season and can be
accessed under the 'drivers' link on the navigation bar above.
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And thanks again for the overwhelming support from area fans, racers
and sponsors for helping to bring dirt track racing to Wichita Falls!
MAR. 7

Wichita Falls, TX (2/27/15) by DarinShort.com. This time of the year,
Mother Nature can wreak havoc on a track schedule, so on occasion,
you just have to do what you can to get races in. And, a track has to
make decisions that are in the best interest of the majority of the
racers, fans - and the track itself. After looking at several forecasts,
all are showing that by next weekend spring will arrive by Saturday -
and so will the official start of racing season at Red River Speedway

Here's the top line:

-The Saturday, Feb. 28 Open Practice has been postponed to

-The Friday, March 6 Opening Night of racing has been postponed to

And here are the details:

-Friday March 6 Open Practice & Driver Registration: Gates open at
5pm, Open Practice for any racing division from 6pm until around
10pm. All pit passes are $15, Free grandstand admission.

-Saturday March 7 Opening Race Night: Gates open at 2pm,
Grandstands open at 4pm, Draw Cutoff at 4:15pm, Hot Laps at 5pm
with Racing by 6pm. Adult Grandstand (ages 12-64) tickets are $12.
Seniors/Active Military (with I.D.) $8. Ages 11 and under - free
grandstand admission with Adult purchase. All pit passes, all ages
$30. If you have yet to register your car for the 2015 RRS season,
please get registered at practice on March 6, online at the track
website; as we will be staying on schedule on race night, March 7!

-The racing program for Saturday March 7th features:
IMCA/RaceSaver/Champ Sprint Cars, USRA Modifieds, IMCA
Southern SportMods, ProStocks and MiniStocks.


We're excited to unveil our new purse structure for 2015. The Sprint
Cars, Modifieds and SportMods will each have a higher total purse
than in 2014...plus on any regularly scheduled night, if there are over
20 cars in each of those divisions, even higher purse structures will
be in effect!

Here's how it works:

Sprint Cars and Modifieds (both have exact same purse structures):

In 2014, the total A-feature purse was $4,250. In 2015, the base
purse is $4,290 and will be distributed as follows: $700 - 500 - 400 -
350 - 300 (5th) - 250 - 200 - 180 - 160 - 150 (10th) - 140 - 130 - 120
- 110 - 100...to start.

However, if there are 21 or more Sprint Cars or Modifieds (in their
respective divisions), then the total purse jumps from $4,290 to

The '21 and up' purse for the Sprints and Modifieds is as follows:
$700 - 500 - 400 - 350 - 300 (5th) - 250 - 225 - 200 - 190 - 180
(10th) - 170 - 160 - 150 - 140 - 135 (15th) - 130 - 125...to 24th! (Note
24 starters, not 20!)

For the IMCA Southern SportMods, the total purse has jumped from
$2,210 (in 2014) to $2,370 (in 2015) and will be distributed as follows:
$400 - 300 - 200 - 170 - 150 (5th) - 130 - 120 - 100 - 90 - 80 (10th) -
75 - 70 - 65 - 60...to start.

However, the same '21 cars and up' applies to the IMCA Southern
SportMods! If there are 21 cars or more on a normally scheduled
night, the total A-feature purse jumps from $2,370 to $3,115!

The '21 cars and up' IMCA Southern SportMod A-feature purse is as
follows: $500 - 300 - 250 - 200 - 175 (5th) - 150 - 130 - 120 - 110 -
100 (10th) - 90 - 85 - 80 - 75...to 24th! (Note 24 starters, not 20!)

Drivers in these three divisions: what this means is you are in more
control of your purse structure. If you help rally other drivers in your
division to support RRS in 2015, you will be rewarded by getting paid
more at each normal event! If you help us, we will help you!

The 2015 new structure translates into a 'base' purse of $14,100 to
$16,500 each and every night at Red River Speedway in 2015!

The only nights when this policy is not in effect is when there is a
special event in that particular division, and those purses will be
posted in advance...for example, on USMTS or OCRS nights where
there is a bigger purse already.

The Pro Stocks/I-Stock (100% IMCA legal Stock Cars are now legal to
run in the Pro Stock division in 2015) and Factory Stocks will each be
competing for the following purse structure - unless otherwise noted:
$300 - 200 - 180 - 160 - 140 - 120 (5th) - 100 - 80 - 60 - 40...to start.

The Mini Stocks will be competing for the following purse structure -
unless otherwise noted: $300 - 150 - 125 - 100 - 80 - 60 - 40...to start.

Pro Stock and IMCA Stock Car drivers: we are allowing 100% IMCA
legal Stock Cars to race in the Pro Stock division in 2015. There is no
mixing/matching of rules allowed from one division to the other. You
must run either the posted RRS Pro Stock rules - or 2015 IMCA Stock
Car rules to race in this division. No exceptions!

Note: the Factory Stocks are still scheduled OFF on March 7. The
same division lineup for March 6th will be racing on March
7...IMCA/RaceSaver/Champ Sprint Cars, USRA Modifieds, IMCA
Southern Sport Mods, Pro Stocks and Mini Stocks.

THANK YOU to all the teams and race fans for their past support of
racing at Red River Speedway, and we're super excited to kick off the
season next weekend, with Open Practice on Friday, March 6th, and
a full night of racing on Saturday, March 7th!

Click www.RRSpeedway.com for complete track information, rules and
much more. Keep up with other race fans at
www.facebook.com/RedRiverSpeedway as well!