Red River Speedway is a 1/4 mile dirt oval track located 3 1/2 miles west of Wichita Falls on Highway 287.
Exit FM 369 and go North one mile. The track is on the right side of the road.

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2/18/14 UPDATES: 2014 RACING SCHEDULE now posted!

ON 1/11/14:

12/20/13 UPDATES: Everything is starting to come together
quickly for the 2014 racing season at Red River Speedway in
Wichita Falls, Texas!

We will be racing on Friday nights primarily, with the schedule
coming out in the weeks to come. Primary racing divisions will
be Winged Championship Sprint Cars, USRA Sanctioned
Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Mini Stocks.

Two special events are set as well, including the USMTS on
Friday May 16th and the Oil Capitol Racing Series for winged
sprint cars on Friday, May 30th.

Division rules are now up for the 2014 season and can be
accessed under the 'drivers' link on the navigation bar above.
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RED RIVER SPEEDWAY: Open Practice (2/28) and
Racing (3/6) on the Horizon

Wichita Falls TX (2/18/15) by DarinShort.com. This past weekend,
Red River Speedway (RRS) in Wichita Falls was able to sneak by
the unpredictable late winter weather and get in both nights of racing
at the Red River IMCA Invasion. Drivers from throughout the region
competed in the event, with results (below) and pictures (at RRS
and FB page) now available for viewing.

Coming next to RRS is an Open Practice & Registration on
Saturday, February 28th from 2pm until Dark (roughly 6pm). The
Open Practice welcomes any and all dirt track race cars, whether
they are currently scheduled at RRS in 2015 or not. All pit passes
are $15, while the grandstands will be open to race fans free of
charge. Pit gates open at Noon.

That morning, the Wichita Falls Motorsports Car Show will be held
at Cash Saver on Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls, from 10AM-
2PM. Details can be found on the RRS FB page (link below).

The next race on the RRS schedule is set for Friday night, March
6th. A full night of racing is on tap, featuring the IMCA RaceSaver®
Sprint Cars, USRA Modifieds, IMCA SportMods, Pro Stocks and Mini

The Pits will open at 5pm, Grandstands at 6pm with Racing at 8pm.
Adult tickets are just $12, with all Pit Passes for all ages $30.
Children ages 11 and under are free with Adult Grandstand
admittance. Seniors (65+) and Active Military (with I.D.) are $8.

Visit http://www.RRSpeedway.com or http://www.Facebook.
com/RedRiverSpeedway to keep up with the latest in Red River
Speedway news and updates.

Here is the recap and results from this past weekend's Red River
IMCA Invasion, courtesy of IMCA.com:

Two drivers from Kansas traveled to Red River Speedway for their
first IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified feature wins of the season.

Brendon Gemmill topped Friday’s opening night Red River Invasion
feature for his career 39th victory in the division. Clay Sellard
showed more of the speed that netted him Jet Racing Central
Region rookie of the year honors in winning the Saturday show.

Tommy Fain and another sophomore speedster, 2014 national ROY
Dean Abbey, rounded out Friday’s top three. William Gould, the
2013 national champ and two-time defending Razor Chassis
Southern Region king, was runner-up and Gemmill ran third on

Chad Wilson was the opening night IMCA Eagle Motorsports
RaceSaver Sprint Car winner, ahead of Logan Scherb and John
Carney II.

Carney took the Saturday checkers. Scherb repeated in second and
T.J. Michael was third.

Modified and Sprint Car features all paid $700 to win.

Former national champion Gabe Tucker racked up Scoggin-Dickey
Parts Center Southern SportMod career win number 74 on Friday.
John Webb and Levy Galmor rounded out the top three in the big

Randy Timms outran 23 other Southern SportMods and matched
his win total from his first IMCA season in 2014 on Saturday.
Second was Justin Long and Robert Crabtree took third.

Kirk Martin notched the Friday IMCA Sunoco Stock Car victory. Jody
York was second and Damon Hammond rounded out the top three.

Career win number 79 came in Saturday’s Stock Car feature for two-
time defending EQ Cylinder Heads Southern Region champion Matt
Guillaume. Martin and Cary White were scored second and third,

Southern SportMods chased $600 top checks while both Stock Car
features paid $500 to win.

Feb. 13 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Brendon Gemmill; 2. Tommy Fain; 3. Dean Abbey; 4.
Clay Sellard; 5. Jason Schoenberger; 6. Mark Patterson; 7. Jeremy
Montgomery; 8. Richard Walp; 9. William Gould; 10. Neal DeBord;
11. Jack Baggerly; 12. Kenneth Graves; 13. Sam Cox.

Sprint Cars – 1. Chad Wilson; 2. Logan Scherb; 3. John Carney II; 4.
Brandon Long; 5. T.J. Michael; 6. Brandon Williams; 7. Marcus
Thomas; 8. Michelle Melton; 9. Bryson Oeschger; 10. Cody
Cothman; 11. Mackenzie Ramey; 12. T.J. Honkomp; 13. Chip

Southern SportMods – 1. Gabe Tucker; 2. John Webb; 3. Levy
Galmor; 4. Terry Baker; 5. Robert Crabtree; 6. Justin Long; 7. David
Tanner; 8. Jeff Autry; 9. Damon Hammond; 10. Dustin Robinson;
11. Robert Elliott; 12. Tommy Freeman; 13. Kody McDowell; 14.
Trevor Foley; 15. Gene Yates; 16. Raymond Wright; 17. Matt
Mueller; 18. Randy Timms; 19. Billy Burt; 20. Kirk Cox; 21. Creed
Sherle; 22. Cory Williams; 23. Tanner Stansell; 24. Gene Bryce.

Stock Cars – 1. Kirk Martin; 2. Jody York; 3. Damon Hammond; 4.
Cary White; 5. Dustin White; 6. Duain Pritchett; 7. Jason Purvis; 8.
Jason Batt; 9. Ronnie Christopher; 10. John Menetz; 11. Trevor
Geter; 12. Randy Martin; 13. Calton Pritchett; 14. Robert Barnett.

Feb. 14 Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Sellard; 2. William Gould; 3. Gemmill; 4. Abbey; 5.
Schoenberger; 6. Montgomery; 7. Patterson; 8. Kevin Rutherford; 9.
DeBord; 10. Graves; 11. Eric Miles; 12. Aaron Benedict; 13. Fain;
14. Tom Earl III; 15. Ronny Gould; 16. John Gray; 17. Cox.

Sprint Cars – 1. Carney; 2. Scherb; 3. Michael; 4. Thomas; 5.
Melton; 6. Ramey; 7. Long; 8. Honkomp; 9. Oeschger; 10. Williams;
11. Cody Whitworth; 12. Wilson; 13. Graham.

Southern SportMods – 1. Timms; 2. Long; 3. Crabtree; 4. Tucker; 5.
Mueller; 6. Hammond; 7. Galmor; 8. Williams; 9. Glen Gordy; 10.
Webb; 11. Foley; 12. Robinson; 13. McDowell; 14. Shawn Jorski;
15. Sherle; 16. Bryce; 17. Stansell; 18. Baker; 19. Tanner; 20. Yates;
21. Burt; 22. Cox; 23. Autry; 24. Freeman.

Stock Cars – 1. Matt Guillaume; 2. Martin; 3. Cary White; 4. Brandon
Hopper; 5. York; 6. Christopher; 7. Dustin White; 8. Purvis; 9. Calton
Pritchett; 10. Barnett; 11. Steven Orebaugh; 12. Geter; 13. Batt; 14.
Nemetz; 15. Duain Pritchett.
2/26PM Red River Speedway (RRS) updates:

1. This Saturday's practice is cancelled due to inclement weather. At
this point, it will not be rescheduled.

2. We have great news regarding purse structure for RRS drivers in
2015. Be watching for a press release coming in the next few days.

3. Opening night is still set for next Friday, March 6th; unless the
weather keeps going wonky. Any changes to next Friday night's races
will be announced mid-week next week.

Please stay tuned for the latest updates, here, and at our track
facebook page.

Until then - have a great weekend...and stay dry!